The future of communication and imaging technology

The picture shows Satyajit Ravindra, head of cyber security in challenging environments at the cyber agency, with a dark complexion and short, dark hair, smiling at the camera. He wears a white shirt with a dark jumper and sits in front of a blurred background that could represent an office or conference room. At the top left of the picture is the logo of the cyber agency in purple. Below the logo is the following text in white on a purple background: "Due to the diversity of environments, topics are grouped by scientific challenge and addressed in separate content-related calls." Below it is written: "Satyajit Ravindra, Head of Cybersecurity in Challenging Environments" To the right of this text is the portrait of Satyajit Ravindra. The colour scheme of the picture is in various shades of purple and violet. Photo: Andreas Stedtler/Cyberagentur

Next Cyberagentur research project to be presented

With the ZANDER-F research project, the Agentur für Innovation in der Cybersicherheit GmbH (@Cyberagentur) aims to advance the development of solutions for communication and imaging in challenging environments. Initial information on the project will be presented at a partnering event on 11 July 2024.

ZANDER-F (Zukünftige Alternative Nachrichten- und Datenübertragung bei Erschwerten Rahmenbedingungen – Faraday’scher Käfig) aims to research technical solutions that enable communication and imaging in environments where physical barriers such as Faraday cages and underground operations exist. Such conditions often pose challenges for specialised police and military forces that depend on reliable information transmission. Areas of operation include urban structures, jungle regions, air and space as well as maritime and undersea areas. „Due to the diversity of the environments, the topics will be grouped according to scientific challenges and dealt with in separate calls for proposals with related content,“ says Satyajit Ravindra, explaining the idea behind the future research project.

„The upcoming partnering event offers the opportunity,“ says Satyajit Ravindra, Head of Cyber Security in Challenging Environments in the Secure Systems department, „to present our research project to leading experts from academia and industry.“ During the event, participants will be able to present their expertise and find potential partners for future research collaborations in themed virtual meeting rooms.

Interested experts from the fields of communication technology, image processing and related scientific disciplines are therefore invited to take part in the partnering event and to network. For more information on the virtual partnering event on 11 July 2024, at 3 to 5 pm and details on how to register, please visit our website at

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