New approaches to microchip security through quantum sensor technology

Dr. Roman Bansen, Leiter Cybersicherheit durch Quantentechnologie in der Abteilung Schlüsseltechnologien der Cyberagentur. Foto: Andreas Stedtler/Cyberagentur

Cyberagentur seeks partners for „SCA-QS“ research project

On 10 June 2024, at 15:00, the Agentur für Innovation in der Cybersicherheit GmbH (Cyberagentur) will be holding a virtual information and partnering event dedicated to the planned research project „Side-channel attacks with quantum sensor technology“ (SCA-QS). The project aims to explore the application of quantum sensors to identify new attack vectors on microchips.

Quantum sensors, with their potentially superior resolution and sensitivity, could play a revolutionary role in security technology. The SCA-QS research project is initially focussing on identifying and researching the fundamental suitability of quantum sensor technology for side-channel attacks and then further developing promising approaches where necessary.

„With this forward-looking research,“ says project manager Dr Roman Bansen, Head of Quantum Technologies in the Cyberagentur’s Key Technologies department, „the SCA-QS project is positioning itself at the forefront of technological development and could provide significant impetus in the field of microchip security.“

The project also promotes the networking of scientists from the fields of quantum sensor technology and side-channel attacks in order to enable long-term exchange and collaboration and actively shape the future of microchip security. The targeted technology readiness level (TRL) ranges from 3 to 4.

Potential contractors in the field of research and innovation from universities, colleges, industry or start-ups are being sought for this innovative project. At the virtual information and partnering event on 10 June 2024, the project team will provide information about the planned project and the upcoming research questions. The potential contractors will have the opportunity to present their expertise and gain partners for the formation of consortia to apply for the research project. This is also a first step towards networking the expert community.

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