IT forensics describes the securing and analysing of data from IT systems using scientific methods. Strictly methodical data analysis is used to prove facts in court. Digital forensics also plays a decisive role in the application context of artificial intelligence, as AI systems are often used in a networked manner in companies in addition to their private use. Understanding when and why evolving and self-overwriting AI-based techniques fail must therefore be analysed and improved using forensic methods and tools.


The research project "Forensics of Intelligent Systems" addresses the exploration of existing or fundamentally new forensic approaches, tools and legal standards. The goal is to provide proactive "forensic readiness" and "forensic-by-design" methods for the legal detection of tampering in evolving, self-overriding AI systems. These novel and method-oriented research approaches for the legally compliant proof of misconduct must be transparent, fair and explainable. The methods developed are to be evaluated and improved in the form of inversion and evasion attacks as well as data poisoning attacks on an AI system. The main topics addressed within the project include image processing, text processing and autonomous systems, with a focus on autonomous driving and its sensor technology.

Disruptive risk research

The research field of IT forensics in AI has almost no other comparable research projects. The research project is highly relevant to the rule of law, society and the economy, while at the same time presenting a high technical and scientific risk. If successful, Germany will assume a leading position in the global economy and society.

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